Who knows what to write when asked to compile an “About Me” page?

Here goes!

*I’m an ordained minister who has served churches in educational and youth ministry. The Lord has opened the doors for me to go on more than twenty mission trips, many to Romania and the Czech Republic. Currently I serve as a deacon and teacher in my church.

*I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m not ashamed to state that and it reflects everything I say and do. I may do things differently or avoid things that others take for granted. That’s a reflection of my attempt of following Jesus. I’m happy to talk about it with you, but I won’t force you into my viewpoint. I have some big black Bibles, but I won’t hit you over the head with them.

*I’m a writer. I’ve written more than 500 columns for my hometown newspaper before its demise. Hopefully my writing wasn’t the cause of its death. I’ve also published articles and curriculum in more than 30 additional publications and contributed to several books.

*I’m a “piddler” who has done various things throughout the years, including working in and serving as a manager of a Christian book store, selling promotional products and choir robes, serving as a consultant for churches and for a children’s discipleship curriculum and raising and showing rabbits, having as many as ninety at a time.

*I’m the husband of a dear sweet loving long suffering wife who had endured me for more than forty years, the father of three unique and distinctive children and the grandfather of two very spoiled grandchildren.

*One of my largest “piddles” is the Internet, and I have spent many years observing, building websites and deleting websites. I’ve seen the good, the bad and ugly of the Internet. I’m looking to grab hold of the good, and discard and disregard the bad and ugly. I hope you’ll join me in grabbing the good as we build solid online businesses together.